Our family has always had a dream to live a country lifestyle. We enjoy growing/raising our food and being self-sufficient. We value work ethic and want to teach our sons the same. We have been so very blessed with so many aspects of our lives, including the freedom and choice to follow those things we are passionate about. These things can only be attributed to the gifts of the One True Nôrth- this inspired Tru Nôrth Homestead.

Much of our venture started just based on the above focus; living the life we choose and teaching our sons (food production, canning, bees, blacksmithing/fabrication, ect.). Typically, we jump in with both feet and bite off more than we can chew and then have to figure out how to chew it anyway.

We started out with a small (20ac) farm in Oregon. We had a steep hillside and a plan for future honey bees, so we planted lavender and soon had over 500 lavender plants of our own. Then it seemed wasteful not to “do something” with it so we built a small still and processed our own oil. The first year was a lot of work and when it came time for year two, Stacey did not want to spend the time to do that again and sought services with more capacity. She met Mike and Natalie Bochart (Mike’s Stills) and they processed the lavender in a 150 gallon still. In conversation, Mike mentioned they were pseudo-retiring from a distilling perspective and the discussion began regarding Flint and Stacey purchasing the equipment to continue it on. We continued this operation for a few years and met some WONDERFUL folks in the lavender industry by distilling their oils as well as fabricating stills for their use.

But, in 2021 new adventures called! And, we answered! We purchased a larger farm in Montana with goals for alfalfa & hay production, a small cold-climate lavender field for u-pick and some oil processing, and continuing in still fabrication... We hope to hear from you about any of our continued pursuits!

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